Our Namesake

The word Draken comes from the name Drakensberg, meaning ‘mountain of dragons’. The Drakensberg extends almost the entire length of South Africa, creating a central plateau with the highest peaks in the east. It is one of oldest mountain ranges in the world, and a place that is serene and ancient, and beckons for adventure.

Our Mission

At Draken watches we strive to create original, hard wearing, reliable timepieces that you can take into any outdoor situation, and be confident that it won’t skip a beat. Our watches have been tested to withstand some of the harshest conditions, but we know that their toughest test begins with you, our customer. Take your Draken to the limits.

Our Philosophy

By focusing on the design and usability of our watches, we believe we can bring a high quality, functional watches, at a fraction of the bigger retail brands. We look to the environment for inspiration, but first and foremost Draken watch is influenced by you, the wearer.

Michael Blythe

Michael Blythe

Founder and designer

Although I currently reside in Auckland, New Zealand, I still consider South Africa the Motherland, and the Drakensberg has a special place in my heart. Many of the holidays of my youth were spent exploring and hiking these wondrous mountains, and I always try to see them when I go back for a visit. The outdoors have always been a great source of inspiration for me, and whether I’m hiking in the Berg in South Africa, or mountain biking in New Zealand, it is always these environments that I feel most at home.

I have always had a passion for design, but it wasnt until 2015 when I was introduced to the Microbrand watch industry, that I became completely obsessed with watches. I didn’t just want Draken to be another homage watch company, but rather to walk a fresh new path with distinct original designs.