The Kalahari

No smoke and mirrors, just pure military style.


The Tugela 2.0

Our original diver design, made better.

Our current models

The ultimate tool watch doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Designed to handle the rigours of an outdoor lifestyle, Draken Watches won’t let you down.

The Peregrine

Inspired by aviation, built for the outdoors.

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Latest news

Kalahari – Fully funded on Kickstarter

We're thrilled to announce that the Kalahari is fully funded on Kickstarter! This means that we are absolutely going into production and the watches will hopefully be on the wrists of our backers in December! If you haven't pledged on our Kickstarter, it's not too...

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Tugela – Second production

You've all been asking for it, so I'm going to make it happen! We're going to do a second production of the Tugela! The Tugela was our first model and has by far been our most popular model to date. For the second run of the Tugela, we want to make a few minor tweaks...

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A bit about camouflage

In an effort to talk about more than just watches, we'll be sharing the occasional post on a random topic we found interesting. This week, we'll be looking at camouflage. In nature, camouflage is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to avoiding detection. Some...

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